Film industry

Film connects people globally. The key mission of The SCHNAU INITIATIVE is to strengthen the German/European film industry to be able to compete on an international level. The lack of having a real film industry that offers enough funding and provides international distribution needs to be improved. Germany has the talent, technology and ideas to pull off interesting and compelling stories for an international audience that need and want to be seen.

Camera Crew

The goal is to create the dialogue with producers and filmmakers in Germany/Europe to uncover recent challenges and address them directly to the 'Kultusministerium' (ministry of culture). Another important impulse THE SCHNAU INITIATIVE is the change and development of mentality towards film making in Germany. Showing the opportunities German film would have by producing universal films and distributing them towards international partners and audiences increases the potential of revenue for government and country which justifies higher funding in the first place. Then only the one who takes risk can live to his fullest potential.