A critical sector The Schnau Initiative is prioritizing is the pharma industry and bio-tech companies. There is no doubt that pharma is contributing to the overall well-being in form of research, medication, treatments and therapies. BUT these areas are missing specific guide lines in terms of transparency and disclosure. Our goal is the accessibility of constant updated information, clarification and most importantly justification on research, medication and anything based thereof to the public and to achieve and implement new reforms and regulations regarding methods and processes for example "user observations" that are still taking place today.

Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

The Schnau Initiative therefore wants critical public dialogue with leaders of the pharma industry and their partners and the willingness for change to improve for the public. The disclosure of detailed constant updated information is critical to maintain trust and long-term progress in the fight against so many diseases. We ask for open communication and clarification, timelines on progress, transparency and disclosure to the public. We know that part of it is business but not one human life should and may not suffer from that.