My name is Benjamin Schnau. I'm an actor, filmmaker and author based in Los Angeles. Some of you know my story but for most of you that will be the very first time hearing about it. I never talked openly about my private life but I feel like this is bigger than this. When I was 21 years old I lost my mother due to cancer which completely changed my life. It was very hard for me at the beginning as I didn't know what to do but I learned to accept it. Since then I was pretty traveling, lived in different places in Europe and now in the US trying to find my place in life. But deep within there was always that desire that I need to do something, doing my part against this terrible disease. It's hard for me to believe that there is nothing out there yet that can cure cancer. So I made a decision. In order to move something and make the world hopefully a better place I decided that I will run from Los Angeles to New York City in order to raise awareness but also to invest even more into research and anything that's needed. This mission is for my mom but also for all of us, for people who fought it, fight it right now or will fight it in the future. It can hit everybody at any time so I make sure that I do everything in my power that will get us closer to forever defeat it. I therefore founded the 'The Schnau Initiative' named fight 'Cancer'. If you want to be part of it and create something for your community then I would be very happy if you would sign up for it. The goal is to collect as much as possible and I promise you here and today that every penny that is being donated will go directly into prevention, research and fundamental actions to save life's. This initiative is dedication to life. I will start my run on … and you can follow me every second along the way. Thank you all for being part of this.

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